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DCS Algarve are the experts in commercial kitchen cleaning of various different sizes throughout the Algarve region. Our main priority is to provide quality commercial kitchen cleaning at affordable rates. We believe in providing a consistent and quality service that more than satisfies the local council requirements. It is important to ensure that a commercial kitchen is well sanitised throughout the year to assure that the kitchen is hygienically clean.



We are experts in commercial kitchen cleaning services. We can provide specialist kitchen extract and supply ductwork cleaning for large restaurant chains as well as smaller local diners, restaurants, pubs, schools, care homes, hotels and other commercial food preparation areas.



Because your business centers on the health of your kitchen, DCS Algarve works with you to maintain above-standard levels of cleanliness. This helps keeps your guests and staff safe and prevents issues like grease fires. We have decades of experience in the cleaning industry and only use the latest in performance cleaning technology.


We ensure that every part of your facility, from floors to ceilings and everything in-between, including cooking equipment, walls and the exhaust and hood are clean and safe.


A clean commercial kitchen leads to a better overall feeling of health for your staff and for your customers.