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Flooding can be devastating to your home. Water can threaten its overall structure, starting with the flooring and walls. The water can then progress to the interior of the walls and seep deep into the flooring, weakening the building structure. Flood damage can total in the tens of thousands of euros. When the stakes are this high, your insurance company could give you problems over covering the damage.


Appliances leak, pipes burst, streams or rivers near the home overflow, and storms with heavy downpours occur. No one expects their home to flood, but can be stressful when it does. Fortunately, you have an expert you can contact today in order to relieve your stress.


When thinking about flood damage, think of your home as a cardboard box. Contact with the smallest amount of water can make a cardboard box wrinkle. When that box is submerged in water, it suddenly becomes limp and useless. Over time, the box begins to fall apart. The same thing can happen to your home – prolonged exposure can cause it to fall apart. If not addressed immediately, the effects of water can break down the affected areas of your home.


We provide 24/7 emergency services. If flooding strikes in the middle of the night, call us so we can begin work to remove the water immediately. Once we’ve removed the water, we can assess the damage and make recommendations on flood cleanup restoration.