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DCS Algarve provide an innovative new way of restoring hard and natural stone floors, wooden floors and epoxy floors professionally that goes way beyond traditional cleaning techniques. We restore floors to a premium condition and in doing so help to extend the floors appearance and lifespan.


Over the years DCS Algarve have worked with partners in order to be able to clean a variety of floors at a customer site. In the last five years we have heavily invested in state of the art equipment and training.


We use a high speed rectangular oscillating plate, combined with high pad pressure for outstanding hard floor cleaning and preparation. We remove floor seal without water or chemicals, sand and prepare wooden floors, clean grout and ceramic tiles, renovate epoxy floors or just clean your hard floors to a high standard. We carry a large range of pads, screens and special tools in order to be able to give the floor the required finish.


The scrubber equipment we use has a unique oscillating brush system that allows us to maintain, deep clean or undertake specialist renovation work on a large range of hard floor types. The system has the bonus of using up to 70% less water & chemicals than traditional cleaning machines, making a positive contribution to a safer environment. Diamond polishing natural stone, sanding wood floors, deep cleaning ceramic tiles and grout, dry stripping vinyl floors are all simple and safe with DCS Algarve.


We can strip, clean and restore the finish or shine of the following floors:


Slate floors

Travertine floors

Granite Floors

Marble Floors

Lime Stone Floors

Ceramic Tiled Floors

Terrazzo Floors

Wooden Floors

Epoxy Floors

Vinyl Floors